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American Hydro Systems' specialty irrigation products provide solutions designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems. American Hydro Systems has been providing specialty irrigation products for rust stain removal and prevention as well as fertilizers and scale reducers to the irrigation industry for over twenty-five years.

Rid O' Rust
Customized solutions for exterior rust staining. The Rid O' Rust line of professional grade rust stain removers and preventers is designed to dissolve rust stains within seconds and keep them from coming back.

The ProFeeder and LiquidLife Formulas
American Hydro Systems offers a range of professional liquid fertilizer formulas created to deliver lush plant growth and beautiful landscapes throughout the growing season. All our liquid fertilizer products are designed to be introduced through the ProFeeder injection system, supporting healthy, pest-resistant plants and a more gentle effect on the environment.

Feeder Systems
Our Irrigation Feeder Systems are designed to introduce a range of liquid rust prevention, fertilizer, pest control and soil replenishment formulas into sprinkler system water. They do all the work of maintaining healthy, robust plants and soils and creating a clean and green landscape every time a landscape is watered. Because only small amounts of nutrients and formulas are introduced into the ecosystem at one time, feeder systems are also gentle on the environment.

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