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Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover serves the municipal market by providing high quality, miracle rust stain solutions. The heavy duty rust remover products produced can be used to remove rust stains caused by line flushes including laundry, appliances, dishes and surface cleaning. Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover has been servicing the municipal industry for over twenty years.

For more information about our heavy duty rust remover, call 1-866-357-5063 or contact us online. To purchase our heavy duty rust remover product online, visit

Safe and easy Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover solves the most difficult rust deposit and staining problems. This quick-acting heavy duty rust remover miracle powder cleans almost anything from clothing, glassware, iron-fouled water softeners to virtually any kind of surface without using hazardous acids.

Available Size: 6 oz. bottle, 16 oz. bottle, and 50 lb pail.

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Product Uses & Instructions

Remove Rust & Iron Stains from Clothing with Heavy Duty Rust Remover

To wash out rust and iron stains from white clothes, simply add Red-B-Gone Rust & Iron Stain Remover to the wash with the detergent.

Step 1 Add 1/2 cup to warm water in washing machine.
Step 2 Add clothes - let soak 5 minutes.
Step 3 Add detergent - start wash/rinse cycle.

Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover can also be used as a presoak for those stubborn stains.

Step 1 Presoak garment in a well mixed solution of 1/2 cup Red-B-Gone to 5 gallons of water.
Step 2 Wash cycle as usual.

Remove Rust Stains In The Kitchen with Heavy Duty Rust Remover

  • To use Red-B-Gone on rust-stained dishes and glassware, just soak in a solution of 1/3 cup Red-B-Gone per gallon of cold water.
  • Most stains disappear in 10 to 15 minutes without rubbing.
  • To clean dishwashers and washing machines, add one-fourth to one-third cup of Red-B-Gone to an empty machine and run through a normal wash cycle.

Remove Rust Stains In The Bathroom with Heavy Duty Rust Remover

Red-B-Gone Rust & Iron Stain Remover will dissolve rust stains from sinks, tubs, shower stalls and toilet tanks and bowls or anywhere rusty water causes unsightly deposits.
Step 1 Wet the discolored area and pour on enough Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover to make a thin paste.
Step 2 Leave standing for five minutes prior to scrubbing.
Step 3 Rub this paste into the spot or stain with a damp cloth, small soft brush, or other non-abrasive scrubbing aid.
Step 4 When rust spots are gone, rinse the area thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Remove Iron Stains Everywhere with Heavy Duty Rust Remover

Use Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover to remove rust and iron stains on fiberglass, china, vinyl, porcelain, cement, and aluminum surfaces.

Red-B-Gone Rust and Iron Stain Remover is excellent for use under windows and around exposed nail heads.

Also use Red-B-Gone on aluminum siding, concrete driveways, sidewalks, near rain downspouts and door steps.

Red-B-Gone gives swimming pool liners a "new" look - use only when pool is drained for cleaning and flush thoroughly after use.

Make stained gel coat surfaces on boats look like new with Red-B-Gone - do not use on chrome or stainless steel boat hardware and fittings.

FOR SMALLER AREAS, wet the surface and pour on enough Red-B-Gone heavy duty rust remover to make a thin paste. Let stand for at least 5 minutes. Rub paste into the spot with a non-abrasive scrubbing aid, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


    As managerof a water system, I am well aware of problems caused by muddy water resultingfrom line breaks, fire hydrant use, etc.  However, I was not prepared forthe call I received coming back from a SC Rural Water Board Meeting.

    I receiveda frantic call on my cell phone from my wife!  She quickly asked what wasI doing to the water as she had just put the Church's altar cloths in thewashing machine and after filling the machine, she realized the water wasreddish grey. Obviously, the altar clothes were dyed a dingy white color.She then proceeded to inform me what it was going to cost me to purchase newlinens that also all had to be custom embroidered.

    Althoughthe office keeps Red B Gone on hand, and recommend it, I had never personallyused the product.  I sent my wife to the office to pick up a bottle, toldher to read the instructions, and try it.  I had nothing to lose at thispoint.  It's bad enough to have a hostile customer, but when you live withthe hostile customer...

    Needlessto say, she used the product, and then laundered the linens.  All was wellagain.  All the stains were removed and I was able to save face at home.

    Wecontinue to keep this product in stock at our District for our customers.I have actually had customers come in from other water districts and try to buythe product when similar situations occurred for them.  Obviously, we givethem a bottle and it becomes a great public relations tool.  There are fewproducts I recommend; this is one that I have personally used with excellentresults.

    CharlesA. Hilton
    General Manager
    Breezy Hill Water & Sewer Co.,Inc.
    Graniteville, SC  29829


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